Monday, March 03, 2014

Fusion was the broken heart that's lonely's only thought

Things I can't wait to learn once I'm out of *college, and other thinking points:
[a list from my iphone, dated late February]

1. Has modernity propelled Christianity to the point where it, at times, just perpetuates modernity? Will the adversary use this to counterfeit caring?
2. Aren't pretty much all dilemmas false dilemmas?
3. I create my future, but I think my catalysts might be off. How often do I cripple myself by misconstruing catalysts?
4. There are very few differences between elitism and ignorance. I am nearly always guilty of both.
5. Why can't I adopt agrarianism in its entirety? Why can't I adopt anything in its entirety? How much danger is there in endorsing something only partially considered? Can anything ever be truly endorsed (since things can never be fully considered)?
6. I wish there was a "DISLIKE VERY MUCH" button on Pinterest
7. Why do people resist reading or learning what might make them better? How are people fine with how they are when there are more books and more theories and more ideas? Will I become that way? Can I prevent it?
8. Why does the empirical win (see item 2)? Especially in matters of the heart.
9. What isn't a matter of the heart?

*[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ THESE DAYS
[ [ [ [ [ [ a college is a machine
[ [ [ [ a professor is a taskmaster
 [ [ [ [ [ [ a syllabus is a chore chart

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