Friday, January 02, 2015

Needing is one thing and getting, getting's another.

Yesterday I was getting a pedicure with the women in my boyfriend's family.

[they are really cool women.]

One of Mike's sisters asked me what I like about him and I didn't give a very good answer, which troubled me. So, last night I made the following list which, though not exhaustive (the breadth of his awesomeness could never be truly captured in such black-and-white text), itemizes the reasons I am so lucky and so supremely happy to be dating this man.

Things I like about Mike:
-SO funny! And he thinks I'm funny, which feeds my ego.
-He's kind of formal with people he doesn't know or feels he must be formal around but when we're alone he's actually really weird and funny and random. And loud. I like that he has those two sides...then it's like I have this well-kept secret.
-I like that he has a loud voice.
-he's so handsome!
-he is very patient with me, especially when I'm working through my feelings.
-he is wicked smart
-he gets me ice water
-he tries really hard to make me happy (and succeeds)
-he talks with me about his work
-he asks me questions about my work/other life situations.
-he holds my hand a lot.
-he compliments me a lot and tells me I'm wonderful. And pretty.
-he is fun to cook with. And do dishes with. Also, everything. He is fun to do everything with.
-he values fitness and nutrition
-he is flexible about what we do/where we go and pretty much always lets me choose.
-he wants land one day (a few acres, just like me) and sees value in investing in real estate.
-he is an excellent listener. Seriously, so good. And really good at staying focused while I talk (and I talk a LOT...and not necessarily about important things).
-we are similarly-minded politically.
-we like to discuss world events/ideas/public figures and look things up and learn more about them.
-we have similar taste in movies/TV shows
-he is really good at excel. And other statistical analysis software. (VERY sexy).
-he understands inequality.
-he cared enough about a concept that really matters to me (modernity) to read my favorite book about it so he could understand it.
-he likes me the way I am.
-from what I can ascertain, if we were to be married he'd be willing to pay for my Botox treatments (which will likely start when I turn 30) if we can afford it.
-he doesn't mind when I ask mind-numbing amounts of questions when he's telling a story or explaining something to me.
-he's good at agreeing to disagree.
-he wears cool socks. And he can wear the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of a suit.
-he is super-strong. Like, ninja strong. 

(as you can see, I got what I need)
(and more)

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Christie said...

Love it! I hope you never break up!